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London Derby: Chelsea FC vs Arsenal FC

Kurt Zouma’s First EPL Goal


Chelsea FC prodigy Kurt Happy Zouma is, by many professionals, considered to be the right John Terry replacement for the future. Day after day he is proving this statement as on the field, so off the field. But it took him some time to get his name on the scoreline for his team. And what occasion could be better than the London derby, and what moment could possibly better than the leading goal.

The hard West London tank, Kurt Zouma, scored his first English Premier League goal for Chelsea FC after a fine free-kick assist from Cesc Fabregas. In addition to Zouma’s first goal, this was also a great day for the Spanish playmaker. He made his first assist in this year’s campaign and thus ended a somewhat long streak of bad luck as Chelsea’s ball supplier. Now that back and middle are functioning well, all that’s left to improve is up front.


The Spotlight Belonged to Referee Mike Dean


Sometimes referees want the focus of the public eye. If this were the case with Mike Dean, many would say that he accomplished his goal. Though a Blues fan, I have to admit that many of his decisions were more than just unjustifiable. With two red cards for Arsenal, where each of them was debatable, the Gunners’ coach had not many options left.

Was Mike lead by the pressure of the Derby? Probably not. A referee with his caliber and years of experience can handle situations like this with ease. But what made him bring such bad decisions on the field? Is there a culprit in this whole story?


Confidence Trickster, Diego Costa, Strikes Again


Let me introduce you:
Reader, Culprit.
Culprit, reader.

You can either love him or hate him. The majority might prefer the latter, but Chelsea fans will know how to appreciate his misdeeds on the green ground. His scuffle with Arsenal defender Gabriel was the crucial moment of the match. With the temper of a bear and the slyness of a fox, the Chelsea FC forward succeeded in making Gabriel foam at the mouth. This lead to an early shower for the in-form Arsenal defender. He was quite hard to beat, but now that he was off the pitch, the path was clear.

After the half-time break, Chelsea scored and took complete control of the match (which was also done in the early phase of the game, but now more obviously). Though the controversial Spanish international didn’t succeed in scoring, we can say that he did an excellent job in messing up Arsenal’s calculations.


Chelsea FC on a Two Games Winning Streak


After a masterful display in the Champions League match against Maccabi Tel-Aviv, Mou’s guys inevitably found their winning spirit. This was to be repeated on Saturday, 19th of September when they faced their fiercest rivals – Arsenal FC. Seven minutes before reaching the 1-hour mark, Arsenal’s struggle was put to an end. Chelsea was where they should be.

Let’s just hope that this winning streak will continue and that many joyful moments will be seen in the future. Hope is there, the spirit is there and yes – Jose Mourinho cemented his place in the Chelsea dugout and that is where he will stay!

Updated: September 19, 2015 — 4:21 pm

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