13 wins in a row comes to an end

Frustrating night last night! Conte and the team learnt from their defeats back in September, we’ll do the same again to make us even stronger for the rest of the season. Come on, lets us not get down ay, we’ve now got 39 points from the last 42 available. It’s not all bad.

The game itself was a bit hit and miss in the first half but both teams sort of cancelling each other out with no clear-cut chances. They had a couple of long-range efforts with the best and closest going just wide of the post from Eriksen mid-way through the half.

Our main highlight unfortunately was Costa and Pedro arguing with each other after a quick break broke down. I don’t mind the arguing and being frustrated, but it just seemed to go on a bit too long. However, by the end it did seem to sum up our evening.

Danny Rose going down for an injury was ridiculous though, he fouled Moses and got away with it after the ref missed it. Nothing nasty, just a late challenge but he obviously picked up a slight knock himself, but then he just decides to plonk himself down on the pitch for a few minutes. Why the referee never asked him to leave the pitch I will never know? 

Unfortunately the injury time created by Rose cost us, when Cahill got caught out of position for the second time within a few minutes. The first time he had a bad touch out to the left and gave away a free kick, we got away with that. Second time however, no foul and I hate to say it, a great ball in from Eriksen which found an unmarked and in-form Dele Alli, who had a free header to give them the lead right on half-time.

The second half seemed to start at a quicker pace and after just a few mins a brilliant whipped ball across the goal from Alonso missed everyone. Then he did it again but this time it was a deep cross, which he followed in and we nearly scored from. Not long after though and it was back to normal and a very poor effort of a cross from him.

Spurs sorted themselves out and it wasn’t long before the same flipping combination for their first goal, got them their second. Walker back to Eriksen, who found Alli again but at the back post this time. Azpilicueta, Moses and Courtois all tried to get to it but they couldn’t and it was 2-0 to them. Arrrgh!!

Time for a change and sixty minutes in I thought we needed to both get both William and Cesc on for Matic and Alonso. No surprise then that a few mins after their goal, Alonso was off. Not for Cesc though and that was a strange decision as we clearly needed to start creating something from midfield.

Then it nearly happened again, Walker back to Eriksen, this time he shot though and it came to nothing. Finally Fabregas came on but only with ten minutes to go. Within a few moments he’d looked up and found Costa’s run, yes he was offside but the intent was there to create. Nothing more really happened though and our first defeat in the league since September was confirmed.

We’ve been on an incredible winning run, let’s not forget that. Annoying as it is to lose to Spurs, a defeat or draw was always going to happen at some point, frustrating it’s tonight of course. As I said earlier, Conte and the team will learn from this, which in turn will help us in the remaining “big” tough away games.

Spurs celebrating at our away fans like they’ve won the league, just like they were at our place in May when they still thought they were going to win the league. I’ll give them one bit of credit, they’re on a good run of form too, however it’s still not as good as ours. Let’s not forget that:

Chelsea 4-2 Stoke City
Chelsea 3-0 Bournemouth
Crystal Palace 0-1 Chelsea
Sunderland 0-1 Chelsea
Chelsea 1-0 West Bromwich Albion
Manchester City 1-3 Chelsea
Chelsea 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur
Middlesbrough 0-1 Chelsea
Chelsea 5-0 Everton
Southampton 0-2 Chelsea
Chelsea 4-0 Manchester United
Chelsea 3-0 Leicester City
Hull City 0-2 Chelsea

Updated: January 6, 2017 — 1:11 pm

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