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Jose Mourinho Chelsea FC

Can Chelsea FC turn the odds with Mourinho as their manager? The Special One had an encounter with the EPL newbie – the self-proclaimed “Normal One” – yesterday at the Stamford Bridge. The outcome wasn’t a favorable one for the Chelsea FC boss. However, how long will the chairman put up with this string of bad results without someone having to live the consequences of these negative games?


Chelsea FC vs. Liverpool 1:3


Some were taken aback by Chelsea FC’s first IX, some think that these eleven were the right choice. With Matic warming the bench alongside Cesc Fabregas, Jose didn’t parade a very offensive side against Klopp’s men. To add to the bargain, a defensively-oriented Zouma played as Chelsea FC’s right full-back.

Nevertheless, things started off well. Only five minutes away from kick-off were needed to score the leading goal. It was for Diego Costa’s sublime back-heel pass that Azpilicueta found himself with a lot of space to cross the ball towards Ramires. The Brazilian capitalized on his chance and brought Chelsea FC in an envious position. With the ongoing pressure on Klopp to astonish his followers and the deficit of strikers up front, this result was something that pleased the Blues more.

Then it came bolt from the blue – in the stoppage time of the first half, Coutinho scored a perfectly placed shot. This was reason enough for Mourinho to storm off in the locker room. Was the Chelsea FC head coach able to focus his discontent on improving the scoreline in the next 45 minutes?

Few would say so. The next 45 minutes were the same agonizing story for Chelsea FC as their previous matches. In the 71st minute, Oscar (who until then was almost invisible) tried to surprise Mignolet with an incredible chip but was denied by the very fingers of the Belgian. Three minutes from then and supplied by a header pass from Benteke, Coutinho scored his brace with some minor help of John Terry’s guts. After this goal, the match had disaster written all over it.

The bad defensive showing of the team was even more evident when Benteke found himself in Chelsea FC’s danger zone. Without any interference, the robust striker casually strolled forward towards the goal and shot a venomous strike in Chelsea FC’s net. The winner was decided.


“The Only Way Is Jose”


Criticism and badmouthing his style was, is and will always be common. But the latest events showed that, even though so many are against him, he still enjoys the trust and faith of Chelsea FC fans all over the world. Many polls indicate that people are willing to back him to stay the Blues’ manager. A lot of banners with positive words for him were raised in the stands.

However, all this was before they lost to Liverpool at home. How will people react now? Is the 15th spot on the EPL table a place Chelsea FC fans would enjoy? The players are tired, the fans are tired, and even Mourinho looks tired. Four games without winning are acceptable to the brain but not to the heart.

It may be time for a change.

Updated: February 12, 2016 — 1:15 pm


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  1. Please, can you cover other games, not just from Chelsea? I love the way you write.. It is so incredibly artistic!

    1. Funny! No, I think since we’re a Chelsea blog we will stick to just Chelsea games.

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