Frank Lampard the manager

Frank Lampard retired earlier this year at the age of 38 after a fantastically long career that spread over 21 years. Yes the lad is a legend and yes the lad is famous, more famous than he’d ever thought he’d be but why? Why is he famous? For me if you were to ask the majority of football fans out there, they wouldn’t just say he’s famous for this and that. They would say he’s famous for one particular reason and that particular reason would be as a brilliant midfielder, but specifically as a goalscoring midfielder.

If you were to also speak to any attacking midfielders or goalscoring midfielders trying to make a name for themselves today in the Premier League, I bet so many will say they looked up to and admired Frank. He must have inspired so many to want to be like him. That late run and dart into the box and tap it in, the free-kicks or the strikes from distance, he had it all. As kids so many want to play up top or ask to be the “striker” but when you see what a midfielder like Frank has done they can only be inspired.

In an interview recently about his retirement he said “he has no regrets that he played for as long as he did as he believed he still could do it at the top-level”. You’re not wrong Frank, 21 years, 4 clubs, 11 major trophies.

We’re so grateful that after 148 appearance for West Ham United he made the move to us knowing we were on the rise and he became a regular straight away under Claudio Ranieri. Which he continued to be under Jose Mourinho and so many more managers after that, scoring goals constantly from midfield for all of them. Until finally he became our record goalscorer in 2013 away at Aston Villa when he scored those two goals to break Bobby Tambling’s long-standing record. Obviously the goals were very important to Frank but as a team player trophies mattered as well. Finally they started to come:

FA Premier League (3): 2004–05, 2005–06, 2009–10
FA Cup (4): 2006–07, 2008–09, 2009–10, 2011–12
Football League Cup (2): 2004–05, 2006–07
FA Community Shield (2): 2005, 2009
UEFA Champions League (1): 2011–12
UEFA Europa League (1): 2012–13

He eventually left us and then did go on to play around thirty games for Manchester City, before a move to New York for one final fling and he still found the back of the net out there in America. A lot of people will remember Frank’s goals as being smashed in efforts from distance but he could also caress in the delightful goal every now and again. I shall always remember the delicate chipped one away to Barca as well as the league goal away to Hull where he chipped the keeper there too. Fantastic stuff!

Will Frank Lampard make a good manager?

At the moment for now though he’s doing well in his punditry role and I can see him continuing to do that for a year or two. We know he’s very knowledgable and he comes across like that when he asked his opinion. As for management, I honestly believe he has so much more to offer the game and I really hope he does finally go into football management. He’ll do a great job in my opinion, but what to you think? Or do you think he’ll never go into that line of work? Whatever he does, all the best for the future Frank.

Updated: October 11, 2018 — 2:24 pm

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