Mourinho walking on thin ice

After another poor result, Jose Mourinho is now the bookmakers favourite to be the next Premier League manager to leave his job. In fact Betfair are offering a bonus of extra winnings if you bet on this market. Could Betfair be right? Is this worth betting on? How long will Abramovic’s patience with Jose last? And if Jose leaves, who could replace him?

10 years ago, when Chelsea FC became champions with Mourinho, they conceded only 15 goals. Fifteen for the whole championship. Now, with only 8 matches being played, Chelsea allowed 17 goals in their net. Did Mourinho forget how to defend?


Yes, Zouma wasn’t quite a wall against Porto in the Champions League, but neither was Cahill. So, why Cahill alongside Terry against Southampton, and not Kurt Zouma? Tadic and Mane are known as extremely fast players. And, considering how lame Branislav Ivanovic is in his current campaign (a bit more on that later), Zouma should have been the one playing with Terry. Experimenting with the defensive line has become boring.


Why the purchase of a certain Baba Rahman and Papy Djilobodji when you don’t even put them in the squad? Has Mourinho lost his grip? If yes, he should indubitably quit. However, his last chance might be on the 17th of October against Aston Villa at Stamford Bridge.


Sane and Tadic were playing against a veteran defense squad


Vets, indeed. It was undoubtedly painful for many spectators to see these two wingers making fun of our defenders. Tadic even took the time to humiliate his Serbian comrade Ivanovic. At times, when these two [Mane & Tadic] were dribbling through our back line, it felt like bones were crushing. Nothing strange when you take into consideration the age of our most famous line. However, Ivanovic is the major issue right now. Every threat is coming from his side.


Where is Eden Hazard?


If somebody sees Eden Hazard on the pitch, please call the number under this post. No, seriously, where is Chelsea FC’s gem? Has the Belgian lost his confidence? How can something like that happen when people are praising him all over the world? Even comparing his skills with the likes of Messi and Ronaldo. And then you somehow manage to disappoint them all. As a matter of fact, he is the one to blame the most in the Chelsea FC roster for this recent form.


A club that was once feared by every team on the planet looks now as harmless as a kitten that plays with a ball of fur. This was clearly visibly in the match against Crystal Palace. But that match was long ago and still nothing changed. Nothing.


Did Mourinho lose hold of his title as the Commander-in-Chief?


Sixteenth on the table after eight matches. Defending Champions. The whole collective is to be held responsible for this failure. But things can be turned around. The ball is round and everything can happen – but only if they rise again as a collective. Mourinho has to find his current weak link and get rid of him/them. No more experiments.


What impresses me most is the willingness of every Chelsea fan (except me) to stick with Mourinho and give him another chance. But should there be “another” after another? His excuses after matches – unconvincing, his rhetoric – repetitive, his judgment on the field – poor. And this time there is no referee Mourinho can blame. Not so special anymore, right?




Let’s hope for a good ending. The season is long. But if things continue in this fashion, I personally cannot fathom the idea of any silverware in this season for Chelsea FC. Mourinho will have to sit down and rethink matters. This is not the end for Chelsea FC. But it could announce the end of an era, which is “The Era of Mourinho’s Chelsea”.


The momentum of other teams in the English Premier League is neither enviable. This is something the team can build on. Right, first place is far away – but the rest is within reach. Staying on 16th position is beyond endurance.

So let us wait and see what Mourinho will put together after the international break.



Updated: October 9, 2020 — 6:39 pm

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