Pre-season is here

Our pre-season starts tomorrow and it’s a heavy schedule ahead of the Premier League campaign, but I’m guessing Antonio Conte has requested that. He was named our boss a while ago now, so I’m guessing he’s had a say in all our pre-season games which sees us visit California for the first time in seven […]

Chelsea FC dicing with Death

Jose Mourinho Chelsea FC

Can Chelsea FC turn the odds with Mourinho as their manager? The Special One had an encounter with the EPL newbie – the self-proclaimed “Normal One” – yesterday at the Stamford Bridge. The outcome wasn’t a favorable one for the Chelsea FC boss. However, how long will the chairman put up with this string of […]

Latest Chelsea FC News

Chelsea FC

  Amelia, The New 3rd Choice   Error prone Italian goalkeeper Marco Amelia joined Chelsea FC on a free transfer. With the injury of Thibaut Courtois, the team was left to cope on many fronts with only Begovic and Jamal Blackman. With the latter being way inexperienced to compete in any major event, Jose Mourinho […]

Chelsea FC Still Underachieving

Chelsea FC Willian

Defensive record from last season – already history   Just after we thought that the series of bad matches can be forgotten, Saturday evening match against Newcastle reminded us that Chelsea FC is far away from its last season success. Not just by looking at the Premier League table, but also on field.   The […]

Chelsea FC vs Swansea City


Today is a day where a lot of sofas, stools and seats all around the world felt warm, where supermarkets had major income from snacks and sweets, beers and juices, where old jerseys were replaced with new ones or have been just washed for this long-awaited Barclays Premier League start. All that came along with […]

The Future Chelsea FC Team

Chelsea FC

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe in the players we already have. Yes, we may have not won it all, but we won the most competitive league on this planet – The Premier League. And I think that this team can do even more in the coming season.   This formation is built on the […]