Re-union with Drogba makes you realise how much the Blues miss him

I want it to happen, I want Didier Drogba to score against Chelsea when the Blues take on Galatasaray in the UEFA Champions League. I don’t care so much about it happening in the first leg, but back at Stamford Bridge, even counting for an away goal, I’d love to see Drogba find the back of the net.

The big man, always a legend in the hearts of Chelsea fans, gets to have the re-union with the Blues, a re-union that Jose Mourinho wanted ahead of the round of sixteen draw in the Champions League. It was the Special One who got the very best out of Drogba and frankly, the Blues haven’t come close to replacing him.

I remember watching Droga in his early days with Chelsea, bundling in a goal against Arsenal off his shin with a mis-kick. He looked gangly, ungainly and far short of all the hype that Mourinho had actually put on him when signing the big Ivorian from Marseille. Fast forward eight years and there he was, netting the crucial spot kick to win Chelsea the Champions League title for the first time, a fitting end to his career with the Blues.

Take a look at Drogba’s game, even now with the Turkish outfit. He personifies everything that is missing from the current Chelsea forward line at the moment. Fernando Torres, Demba Ba and Samuel Eto’o, even if you could harness all of their strengths together in some creeping looking Franken-striker, wouldn’t hold a candle to Drogba.

Why not? Because not one of them have the fight, have the leadership and have the passion in the role that Droga had for the Blues. If the ten men behind him were having a poor day, he would be the one shouting and screaming at them, going in search of the ball and busting a gut to make anything happen. How often did he deliver something from nothing for Chelsea?

Has there been a better leader of the line for Chelsea in the modern era?

He would still have an impact at Chelsea right now. How much stronger would Chelsea’s Premier League and UEFA Champions League challenges be right now if they had Drogba prowling around, even for 75 minutes of a match? He would still have a massive influence and you can guarantee he would terrorise defences far more than any of the current crop would do. I’m sure I’m not alone in suggesting that I’d like to see Drogba still wearing the Blue of Chelsea.

But the Stamford Bridge faithful will get to see him once again in action, perhaps for the last time, who knows. It should be a treat, and the big man will be welcome with open arms and hearts back in London.

While I want to see the great man, who netted 157 times in 341 appearances for Chelsea, score at Stamford Bridge, just the one goal would be nice. There’s no need to go overboard with it, Mr Drogba. Even if by some miracle he weighs in with away goals to knock Chelsea out of the tournament, well, you still wouldn’t hold a grudge him now would you?

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  1. Has there been a better leader of the line for Chelsea in the modern era? Absolutely not! He’s miles above anyone else we’ve had up front since the Premier League began, and arguably better than anyone it the league at all, as a target man anyway.

    I’m not denying that the likes of Henry may have been better or more skillful players but if you’re playing a lone striker, the Drog is the best I’ve seen. He’ll be welcomed back in the style he deserves.

  2. Would still love to see Drogs in the line up today. Legend.

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