Where Do Chelsea Players Live?

Although Chelsea players may live in a variety of different locations, the vast majority are split between suburbs around the club’s training ground, in Cobham, Surrey, and the area surrounding Stamford Bridge, in Fulham. Cobham is situated in Surrey’s “golden triangle” and is therefore a hugely desirable location in which to live, although it doesn’t have the buzz of Central London that some Blues stars, especially the younger ones, prefer.

What Is Surrey’s Golden Triangle?

A spectacular home in Weybridge
A spectacular home in Weybridge (Colin Smith | geograph.org.uk – CC BY-SA 2.0)

In the world of housing, the term “golden triangle” is typically used to describe a group of desirable residential areas in close proximity, and in Surrey, this is made up of Elmbridge, Weybridge, Esher, Cobham and Walton-on-Thames. These areas surround Chelsea’s training ground and are all hugely affluent and exclusive villages or towns that are home to some of the country’s richest people.

This, of course, is perfect for the likes of Premier League footballers, who are typically on decent wages to say the least! Furthermore, Surrey is the second wealthiest area in the UK, after London, with 59,800 of its residents classed as High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), which we’re sure includes a few current and former Chelsea players.

Why Do Chelsea Players Live in the Golden Triangle?

Near the Chelsea Training Grounds
Near the Chelsea training grounds (Derek Harper | geograph.org.uk – CC BY-SA 2.0)

Not only is it one of the most affluent and desirable places to live in the country, with plenty of million-pound plus houses for your friendly neighbourhood Premier League footballer, it is also very close to Chelsea’s training ground in Cobham. Given this is where the players will spend the majority of their time during the week, it makes sense that they would want to live there.

The area also boasts some of the best schools in the UK, including the Feltonfleet preparatory school and ACS Cobham International School, with the latter ideal for the children of foreign players living in the area. The golden triangle is also home to a number of boutique shops and top-class restaurants, and with green space plentiful, its quaint village setting is perfect for footballers wishing for some peace and quiet, away from London. This makes the triangle the go-to housing location for Chelsea players, especially those with families.

What Other Benefits Does the Area Have?

Painshill Park in Cobham
Painshill Park in Cobham (Jeremy Hall | Flickr.com – CC BY-SA 2.0)

This area also has the benefit of being close to both Gatwick and Heathrow airports, which is very handy for a team playing in the Champions League, as international travel has become almost weekly for players at the highest level. During Jose Mourinho’s tenure as Chelsea’s boss, the area surrounding Cobham became even more important for the club’s players, as the Portuguese manager declared that players had to live no more than three-miles from the training ground.

This led to a scramble for players to find the nearest mansion, with many then deciding to hold on to their houses in the area. Many Chelsea legends therefore continue to reside in the golden triangle, including Frank Lampard, who owns a £10 million property in Kingswood, a village of only 7,000 people that lies next to Cobham and has an average house price of £1.5 million. Furthermore, the triangle isn’t just home to Chelsea players, it is also home to celebrities, such as Cliff Richard, Andy Murray and Antonio Banderas, so you never know who you might bump into in the local Waitrose!

Why Do Some Players Choose to Live in Central London?

Carnaby Street in central London
Carnaby Street in central London (Jeff Whyte Photography | Bigstockphoto.com)

Although the majority of Chelsea players choose to live in Surrey, especially those with families, there are also a growing number who decide to reside closer to the centre of the capital. This is especially common amongst the younger first-team players, who typically have luxury apartments close to Stamford Bridge, which is great for travelling to home games.

However, it is an almost two-hour commute from the centre of London to the training ground, which is a journey they will have to make almost daily. Despite this, London itself has also been home to a number of Chelsea’s Brazilian stars over the years, including Oscar, who have preferred the city lifestyle to the more sedate pace of life in suburban Surrey.

Which Areas of Central London Do Chelsea Players Live In?

Kensington High Street
Kensington High Street (Alena.K | Bigstockphoto.com)

Battersea has become a very popular area in London for Chelsea stars, with former players, such as Juan Mata and Fernando Torres, residing there during their Chelsea careers. Current player, Callum Hudson-Odoi, also lives in an apartment in the area. In comparison to Surrey, Battersea has the benefit of being close to the attractions and lifestyle of central London, whilst simultaneously boasting plenty of attractive green spaces, including a 200-acre park, which is one of the largest in London.

The area also has plenty of top-notch restaurants, pubs and bars, giving it more of a bustling feel than Surrey, which is ideal for younger players. As well as Battersea, Chelsea players have also been known to live in areas, such as Imperial Wharf and Kensington High Street, both of which are very close to Stamford Bridge. In fact, during his time at Chelsea, Diego Costa was spotted using an Imperial Wharf cashpoint on multiple occasions after home games.